Local Attractions

Local Attractions



At Mona we have recently been working on exhibitions that reflect the involvement of evolution in art. That art is universal, and predates most of our cultural constructs, suggests that it is not only built into us, but also good for us (some theorists even assert that our capacity for cognition evolved to expand our capacity for creativity). 




Mount Wellington

Rising 1270 metres (around 4,000 feet) above Hobart's harbour and the wide Derwent River, Mount Wellington provides a wilderness experience within 20 minutes' drive of the city and is much loved by locals.


Richmond Bridge Hobart

This beautiful village, provides a glimpse of what life might have been like in Tasmania’s colonial era. Simply stroll the winding streets to view the tangible history, visit the many icons that Richmond has to offer.
Richmond Bridge (1823). Originally named Bigge's Bridge, Richmond Bridge is Australia's oldest bridge still in use. It was built by convicts from sandstone quarried at Butchers Hill and hauled by hand carts to the bridge site. The cutwaters were added in 1884. The bridge is said to be haunted by several ghosts, including Grover, a cruel flagellator.